Jet skiing

Whether you’ve got a lot of experience and want to learn the latest tricks, or are about to experience this a first time: you can go jet skiing at your own pace and at your own level.

Enduro Motocross

Quad driving is an exciting activity. At EVM19 you can ride across a giant waterfront. The quad course consists of several obstacles, varying in difficulty.


Boxing workshop

The boxing workshop revolves around the DISC method. Observation, feedback and reflection are central to this. What behavior is exposed? Fight, Flight, Freeze … Learn to discover your opportunities and that of your opponent.

4×4 Quad expedition

Overcome the toughest path with various challenges and specials tasks along with your team members. Quad riding is a motorized sport where man and machine compete with the elements. In this activity you will learn the art of steering.


Wear suitable (comfortable) clothes and preferably old shoes (these will get dirty).


Scanmar will be hosting a round table for those who prefer not to partake in the fun outdoor activities.