Andy Mosmans

Andy Mosmans

Chief Strategic Officer at ARA | Author of Startup Branding & Branding NL

The key note of the day is Andy Mosmans, Chief Strategy Officer at creative agency Ara. Andy will present another angle to the brand as not being a logo, visual style and campaign, but as integrated marketing ideas, and an engine which creates meaning and values to grow businesses. Andy will present ideas and concepts from other sources like the book Brand Culture from Heilbrun. After his key note you will probably think different about advertising laws from the book of ‘How Brands Grow’, and will be inspired about planning for your own brands.

As an Enterprising brand strategist, registered marketer & experienced communication professional has seen, done and reviewed brand strategies of more than 100 organizations, ranging from corporates to startups across Europe. As such Andy will provide a universal and practical take on the do’s and don’ts, fallacies, potential and strategic importance of Brand Strategy for the business as a whole.


Keynote – The Leading Principle to Growth

De Werf

According to The Economist, ‘brands have developed from simple trademarks to one of the major organizing principles of modern life’. Today, brands can be defined as integrated marketing ideas, concepts that drive the business, internally and externally, the (missing) link between a company‚Äôs core competences and its markets, streamlining the interaction between supply and demand. […]