Han Meijer

Han Meijer

CEO at Scanmar

“The theme of SIE17 is Truth and Myths of How Brands Grow. In the book ‘How Brands Grow’, Byron Sharp publishes several ‘new’ laws of marketing. In the book these laws are substantiated with practical examples and data tables. The question of course is: are these examples and data real evidence, or do we miss other evidence which may shed a new light on marketing practice? And maybe nuance some of the HBG laws.

A couple of important topics covered in the book are ‘how to grow your consumer base’ with related  topics around what are your real competitors, and differentiation.  Other topics are ‘how advertising really works’ and chapters about ‘price and promotion’. We are proud to present you with a lineup of very interesting speakers, each of who has a compelling take on how their products, clients and businesses are affected by it.

I look forward to welcoming you personally to what is to be our most exciting Scanmar User Group Event in 15 years!”


Update Scanmar: status and vision

De Werf

Scanmar Group has developed rapidly over the last 7 years. The merger with marketingQED created an even stronger company, with more innovative power and international coverage. During this update session Han Meijer, CEO Scanmar Group, will update you about the complete offering and software suite of the merged company. As well he will present our […]